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Naomi Kantjuriny, Mona Mitakiki, Tjimpayi Presley

Kungkarangkalpa tjukurpa (Seven Sisters story)
acrylic on linen
122 x 301 cm
Further information

Naomi Kantjuriny, Mona Mitakiki and Tjimpayi Presley paint kapi tjukurla (rock holes) that relate to the Kungkarangkalpa tjukurpa. This story involves the Seven Sisters being chased across country by Wati Nyiru (a bad man). The elder sisters protect and teach the younger ones, and keep them from falling for his tricks. Wati Nyiru can change shape into different rock formations and landmarks. These sites remain part of the landscape and are important Anangu ceremonial places.

These three artists were taught to paint by senior artist Kunmanara Katie Kawiny. She has passed away but the younger women carry her story on for future generations.

Tjala Arts, Amata community, 2018