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Barbara Mbitjana Moore

Ngayuku ngura – kapi tjukurla (rock holes near my country, Ti Tree – Anmatyerre country)
acrylic on linen
200 x 300 cm
Further information

Barbara Mbitjana Moore grew up in Amoonguna and her father’s country near Ti Tree in the Northern Territory, moving to the Amata community when she was married.

In this painting, Barbara has depicted her country near Ti Tree. The different colours and shapes represent variations in the landscape. Some of the landmarks are the rock holes that lie in and around her country. Connected by travel lines, these sites hold important tjukurpa (dreaming). Through her painting, Barbara stays connected to her own country in the Northern Territory, even though she lives far away. She draws inspiration from the wildflowers that carpet the desert in spring.

Tjala Arts, Amata community, 2017