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Manyitjanu Lennon

Ngayuku ngura
acrylic on linen
183 x 244.5 cm
Further information

Manyitjanu Lennon often paints her mother’s country west of Kaltjiti and south of Watarru in South Australia. This is a painting of Mamungari’nya. As Manyitjanu describes the country: ‘Mamungari’nya is a long way away. It is over the other side of the sand dunes past Tipilnga, a place where many white trees grow. This is the place where women came and were turned into the white marble gums on the sand dune south of Watarru – this is a tjukurpa story. So, this is Mamungari’nya where lots of little gum saplings and emu bush grow. This is a place of claypans and a women’s site.’

Kaltitji Arts, 2017