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Theo Papathomas

Figures dancing
mixed media
150 x 180 cm
Further information

I don’t find landscape a pure and unmediated experience, or think of it as an unchanging phenomenon, but rather a shifting, dynamic relationship between the animate and inanimate. So in my paintings nothing appears fixed. All exists in a charged dialectical exchange of light and dark, benevolence and the malign, repose and energy.

In formal terms, my painting possesses the fluidity and abandonment of dance. For me this constitutes the dance of nature itself with its apparent endless, alternating states of tranquility and the cataclysmic, never more apparent than in the geography of our contemporary, apocalyptic present with its destructive threat of global warming. As an essentially intuitive painter my paintings are never vehicles for unambiguous messages – but barometers of our preoccupations and dilemmas.

- Theo Papathomas