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Paul Haggith

oil on linen
137 x 198.5 cm
Further information

October 2013 was my first visit to New York City. For almost a month I painted, drew and photographed. Immersed in the city of Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and Frank Sinatra, I wandered the streets, traversed subways, soaked up surrounding waterways and took in water tanks, brownstones, skyscrapers and city parks, uptown and downtown. Banksy was in town, Jackson Pollock had lived around the corner. Just two of the eight million people of varied origin. A city to feel homesick for.

Although waterscapes are fairly dominant in my art practice, urban landscapes are also a recurring theme. This painting is the largest of three studio works so far completed about New York.

- Paul Haggith, 2014