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Art Gallery Society sponsors

The Art Gallery Society of NSW is Australia's leading art support organisation with more than 30,000 members and has the most vibrant program of art-related social and cultural events to be found in any Sydney institution.

As a not-for-profit organisation we rely heavily on the generous support of sponsors. Through your sponsorship your business can also take advantage of our unique marketing, public relations and incentive opportunities.

Sponsors of the Art Gallery Society play an important role by supporting the Art Gallery of NSW to help raise funds to purchase works of art for the Gallery's permanent collections.

If you are interested in becoming an Art Gallery Society sponsor, we will work closely with your organisation to create a tailored sponsorship that meets your specific sponsor objectives.

Key sponsors and supporters of the Art Gallery Society of NSW

Arab Bank Australia Limited

Arab Bank Australia Limited has combined their passion for the arts and education by becoming the Art Gallery Society's sponsor of The Learning Curve – a series of lectures covering art appreciation, philosophy, comparative religion, ancient civilisations and the many great cultures of the world. Arab Bank Australia Limited has branches in Sydney and Melbourne and prides itself on being a relationship bank, delivering superior service and excellence in selected products.


Founded in Australia in 2007, AxiCorp has evolved into a world-class foreign exchange broker with offices in five countries. AxiCorp operates three core businesses: AxiTrader, which provides online foreign exchange trading to retail clients in over 150 countries; AxiPrime, which provides prime brokerage for high volume institutional traders; and AxiSelect, a unique incubation program offering funding and mentoring for talented traders to help them become professionals.

Ball and Doggett

Ball & Doggett is Australia’s largest distributor of printable materials and consumables, from paper, packaging, inks, foils, to indoor and outdoor advertising products plus more. We’re the curators, sourcing the best bendy, shiny, flexible, sticky, textured products from around the world, helping our customers turn their big ideas into reality. And we’re proud supporters of the Art Gallery Society.


The Faber-Castell family company was founded in 1761 when Kaspar Faber began to make his first graphite pencils in Stein, Germany. Today, after nearly 250 years, Faber-Castell is an international organisation which stands as the world’s oldest manufacturer of writing instruments still in family hands. It is headed in Germany by Count Anton (Toni) Wolfgang von Faber-Castell (8th generation). Australia-Pacific operations are led by Toni's brother, Count Andreas (Andy) Wilhelm von Faber-Castell.

Faber-Castell’s product offering is rich and vast covering playing and learning, art and graphic and technical, premium writing, general writing, and marking.

Throughout centuries of operation, the family vision has remained the same: quality and innovation lead to success.


Renaissance Tours is Australia’s leading operator of special interest and cultural tours. The company prides itself on offering Australia’s finest collection of meticulously designed expert-led cultural experiences in the fields of art, architecture, archaeology, opera, music, ballet and gardens.

In partnership with the Art Gallery Society of NSW, since 2002 Renaissance Tours has developed a successful program of tours led by academics, curators and staff of the Art Gallery of NSW, and some of the country’s leading art critics.

Whirlwind & Lindsay Yates Print Group

The principal print sponsor for the Art Gallery Society, Whirlwind Print are passionate about bringing great design and concept to life. We offer a full range of high-tech printing services to meet the varied requirements of all creatives, including printers, designers and agencies. The Whirlwind Print team boasts some of the most experienced, knowledgeable & service focussed talent in the country today. Combined with some of the most advanced software and hardware systems in the world we are equipped to deliver outstanding results.

Enquire about corporate sponsorship

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