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Spencer Clark

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

Artwork title
HSC year
Expressive form
Time-based forms
Artist’s statement

My body of work is based on the untamed creativity in the mind of a child, and the rare, engaging quality found in its imperfection. I used hand-drawn stop-motion animation to visually convey this, using animation’s own imperfections and simplistic style to parallel the protagonist’s childlike creative outbursts. I was inspired by the films of Don Hertzfeldt, and his use of voiceover and minimalistic script to create emotion in the most unlikely places. I created my film through the repetitious drawing of over 2000 frames of animation, altering each frame slightly each time.

Influencing artists:
Don Hertzfeldt
Chesley Bonestell
Charlie Kaufman
Gene Roddenberry