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Process diary

Mital Kerai

Wyndham College

Artwork title
The man who sold the world
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

The things we own become irrelevant to us. Popular culture and consumerism contribute to the belief that we can live in a toxic world, indulging and taking advantage of our possessions. Inspired by Claes Oldenburg’s practice and transformations of everyday objects, my work explores notions of extinction, deforestation, agriculture and genetic modification. Critics may refer to Oldenburg’s objects as insignificant, but the object can transform into an expressive entity, like a character in a stage play. Each object positioned in my photographs plays an important role beyond its face value – engaging with and intriguing the audience.

Influencing artists:
Claes Oldenburg
Mitch Doueihy
Andy Warhol