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Process diary

Kaitlin Smith

St Joseph's Regional College

Artwork title
Dead in the water: shelving the plans for the Great Barrier Reef
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

The reef is a natural wonder: a complex miracle assembled over half a million years. Unfortunately, this icon of natural beauty has a very uncertain future. There are distinct threats, including climate change; poor water quality from runoff; illegal fishing; the Crown of Thorns starfish; marine debris; coastal development; oil spills from shipping. We have known of these threats for some time, yet to a large extent we have turned our backs and allowed the damage to continue. In many ways my work is a celebration and a commemoration. My hope is that the reef will live on.

Influencing artists:
Fiona Hall
Courtney Mattison
Dan Lam
Kris Kuksi