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Process diary

Dain Cousins

Doonside High School

Artwork title
‘Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’ - Banksy
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

In my body of work I aim to unveil the hypocrisy that plagues the cultural hegemony through ironic images that ‘take the piss’ out of its deceptive character. Along with those who feel it’s their duty to assume the role of social warrior, I expose the truth of this charade of ‘innocence’. I aim to unsettle an apathetic generation that assumes someone else will take care of it, and confront the audience with the truth regarding the revolting aspects of our society. I developed my own grungy style of drawing to link my technique and concept.

Influencing artists:
Ben Frost
Hieronymus Bosch