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Noah Soderlund

Sydney Grammar School

Artwork title
‘Art comes from art’ - A Caro
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

My artmaking practice is an exploration of the lineage of abstract steel assemblage across four generations of teachers, from Picasso to Dave Horton. This gave me insight into subtle and refined shifts in material and conceptual practice. My work is an assemblage of disparate steel elements, including the forms and light they create. It incorporates space as an integral part of the work, rather than displacing it. Through an understanding of artistic predecessors I create artworks, using arc welding, that are cohesive and balanced, while still exploring chaotically alluring elements.

Influencing artists:
Pablo Picasso
Julio González
Ron Robertson-Swann
David Horton
Dale Miles
Anthony Caro
David Smith
James Turrell
Andy Goldsworthy