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Vishal Karnamadakala

Sydney Boys High School

Artwork title
Inside infinity
HSC year
Expressive form
Time-based forms
Artist’s statement

In the last century, scientific discoveries continued to prove how immutably vast the universe is and – by extension – how materially small we are. Inspired by the films of Bill Viola and Terrence Malick, my work attempts to form an allegory which reflects the consequences these discoveries have on our psychology. The characters’ antithetical journeys are intended to echo a spiritual and emotional rite of passage; they are confronted by humanity’s cosmic insignificance yet empowered by the unique qualities of our consciousness. Ultimately they are intended to reflect a cycle of nihilism and humanism that dominates contemporary philosophy.

Influencing artists:
Terrence Malick, The tree of life
Stanley Kubrick, 2001: a space odyssey
Darren Aronofsky, The fountain
Bill Viola, Ascension, Tristan’s ascension, Dissolution