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Process diary

Amelia Lynch

Erina High School

Artwork title
Utilitarian landscape
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

This installation of utilitarian objects strategically engages the viewer’s intimate knowledge of the Australian landscape through the emulation of its unique and diverse textures, forms and colours. In the exploration of formal detail and surface nuances, the viewer is compelled into an intimate relationship with the work and sentient connections are formed. These connections seduce a longing in the viewer’s hands to touch, and their mind is led to consider their personal understanding of and experience with the landscape. Colour has been a primary consideration in the formulation of this installation, with a predominantly reductive palette employed to promote the compelling aesthetics of raku.

Influencing artists:
Gwyn Hanssen Pigott
Keiko Matsui
Giorgio Morandi
Fred Williams
The Martumili Artists
Margaret Preston