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Process diary

Tully Palmer

St Mary’s Cathedral College

Artwork title
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

My work explores the depiction of key personal memories and impressions using layered and representational forms. I have been inspired by the work of French artist Anastassia Elias who creates miniature views of life situations from cut-out paper assemblages within toilet-roll tubes. In my work, the darkly weathered and rough exterior of the viewing tubes is suggestive of an anticipated, tightly constrained inner-city existence. This contrasts with the vibrant colour, depth and detail depicted by the tube interiors, which are evocative of sometimes humorous personal experiences – and enhanced by titles that reference cartoon art by Glen Baxter.

Influencing artists: Anastassia Elias, Andy Goldsworthy, Glen Baxter

See also ARTEXPRESS 2015 Story Sphere

Photomedia, sculpture, textiles and fibre (2:34)

Collection connections

Describe the relationship with place in both Tully Palmer’s and Andy Goldsworthy’s art practices. What qualities of the environment do they depict in their works?

Use sculpture and installation to create a work that reflects a sense of place. What is the role of the viewer in your work?