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Keira McLoskey

Gosford High School

Artwork title
The girl who mistook the wood for a hat – Oliver Sacks
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

In my work I have targeted notions of appearance and deception by making wood appear like the materials of everyday Australian hats, clearly with very different qualities. The wood has been made to seem softer, lighter while it is still in fact rigid and strong, with only the grain giving away its true form. In this way I hope to encourage my audience to consider things beyond first impressions and pre-formed expectations. I also hope to promote acceptance – while these hats are not what we are accustomed to, they can still be appealing or intriguing in their own way.

Influencing artists: Greg Duncan, Ricky Swallow

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Collection connections

How do the ideas behind Keira McLoskey’s body of work and Ricky Swallow’s Killing Time inform each artist’s material practice?

Develop an artwork where the final form contradicts the true essence of the material used to create the work.