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Process diary

Alison McKenzie

Ravenswood School for Girls

Artwork title
Sublime hardships
HSC year
Expressive form
Collection of works
Artist’s statement

The general population cannot identify with the intricate internal defensive and survival mechanisms of the Australian landscape. This lack of understanding distances us from these mechanisms and, in turn, our surrounding environment. I have personified the internal healing methods, as the horizon is wrapped, allowing the humanity of the trees and the landscape to be emphasised and the power of the ecosystem to be outwardly displayed. The relentless battle against drought and flood prove only to strengthen the land in which we live.

Influencing artists: Fred Williams, Joanna Logue, Euan MacLeod, Zander Olsen

See also ARTEXPRESS 2015 Story Sphere

Collection connections

Describe how Alison McKenzie and Fred Williams try to capture the essence of the landscape. What role does colour and composition play?

Fill a journal with studies made directly from nature. Choose some studies to develop further into a body of work.