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Georgina Clark


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Artist’s statement

A fingerprint is 'an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger’, and a ridge 'a long narrow hilltop or mountain range’. If you look closely at your fingertip you’ll see ridges which can be interpreted as topographic maps, or a layering of mountains, providing a connection that we as humans have with the land. This connection brought me to inlay the narrative of my palm into surfaces to construct a portrait series of abstract images of landscape, exploring how our human 'imprints’ resonate with the land.

Influencing artists: Andy Goldsworthy, Ewen Ross

Collection connections

The landscape is an important subject for both Georgina Clark and Andy Goldsworthy. Compare their approach, particularly how human connection with the land plays a role in their art practice.

What type of landscape do you have in your local area? How do you connect with it? Does it inspire you? Create a series of works based on your relationship with the landscape around you.