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Daniel McCarry

St Aloysius' College

Artwork title
Nature's forms: amalgamating the numinous and the physical
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

My vessels have a relaxed looseness that is informed by the organic rhythms of life and nature. Using hand-building techniques with (raku) clay, the surfaces are made using differing oxides and glazes. At times the vessels are voluptuous, with curves that reference fruit and the female form. I have aimed to design forms that are visually sensual, asymmetrical, organic and solid. The subtle differences between the forms are essential in my work. I hope to evoke in my forms a sense of fertility; a combination of the numinous and physical qualities found in nature.

Influencing artists: Tara Wilson, Sara Paloma, Liza Riddle, Jenni Ward, Debra Fleury