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Tara Janus

St Vincent's College

Artwork title
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

My artwork began when I swam at Bronte Pool at dusk. The pool sits on the edge of the land and the sea: it offers safety from the ocean, and simultaneously access to it. It is a liminal space, dividing the known from the unknown, safety from danger, consciousness from unconsciousness. I photographed and translated the pool into paintings, using oils for their luminosity and light. The paintings became more abstract: less about the pool itself and more about the feeling of being at the pool – a feeling of disquiet; ambiguity as to whether it is dusk or dawn.

Influencing artists: Caspar David Friedrich, Gerhard Richter, JMW Turner, Chris Langlois, Claude Monet

Collection connections

How has Janus captured the transient moment between day and night? Discuss the structural elements that support her aim to capture the feeling of being at the pool as opposed to the pool itself.

Known as the painter of light, JMW Turner’s aim was to show the essence and atmosphere of the scenes he painted. Can you see a similarity in Turner’s and Janus’s work? Discuss whether this more abstract approach offers a more realistic experience for the viewer.