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Laura Payne

Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School

Artwork title
Inveniret Libertatem
HSC year
Expressive form
Collection of works
Artist’s statement

I wanted to not only capture the grandeur of Gothic architecture, but also to highlight the minute details and beauty in its often overlooked intricacies and craftsmanship. Inveniret Libertatem shows my journey to find beauty in places people often overlook. It highlights the amazing things that are waiting to be discovered in Gothic buildings and encourages people to look to find fascinating things. I hope my work shows my love for architecture and helps the audience appreciate the beauty of long-forgotten architecture.

Influencing artists: Gothic architecture, Shaun Tan, Catherine O’Donnell, Francisco Goya, MC Escher, Kurt Wenner

Collection connections

How do we define beauty in our built environment? What do you personally consider to be beautiful architecture? Develop a series of work that, like Payne, looks at details you consider beautiful that others might overlook.

Research the work of David Stephenson. In his Domes series, the artist has attempted to convey a spiritual quality in his work. Discuss whether, as viewers, you think he has been successful.