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Ella Sanderson

Fort Street High School

Artwork title
Days of our still lives kit
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

In my work I explored the traditions and tropes of the classic vanitas style paintings through an amalgamation of art movements. Drawing on elements of cubist sculpture, traditional still-life symbols are depicted upon multiple flat forms, yet the technique I have used reflects the 16th-century practice of building up thin varnishes of paint to form realistic images. There is a certain level of irony aroused by combining vanitas symbols and sculptural cubist forms – cubism sought to destroy illusionist detail whereas the traditions of still life revolved around the realistic reproduction of objects imbued with symbolism.

Influencing artists: Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, Willem Claeszoon Heda, Harmen Steenwyck, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso