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Edward Dooley

Knox Grammar School

Artwork title
An altered environment
HSC year
Expressive form
Documented forms
Artist’s statement

My work combines the postmodern mediums of installation, photography and found object sculpture to explore the destructive impact humans have on nature. I explored the textural interplay of surfaces in the natural environment, then juxtaposed and layered the found, natural materials with images from the urban environment created out of perspex. Placing these objects in different environments accentuates my artwork’s theme of the evolution, decay and destruction of the natural environment. My work reflects the dominant influence of humans on the ever-shifting natural landscape, a reminder of what our world has become.

Influencing artists: Andy Goldsworthy, Jonathan Borofsky, Sculpture by the Sea

Collection connections

The impact of the urban environment on nature has captured the interest of this student artist. How does Dooley communicate his point of view to the audience? What is the effect of using a number of mediums, such as installation, photo-documentation and found object sculpture, in his practice?

Andy Goldsworthy also produces site-specific sculptures and installations in the natural landscape. These ephemeral experiences are photo-documented for audiences to view after the event. Describe what you think would be the difference between seeing the artwork at the time and viewing the documentation in an art gallery. Are both experiences valuable?