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Process diary

Dana Segall

Masada College

Artwork title
Slum dwellers
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

I wanted to explore the ethical potential of art through the portrayal of polluted slums and their dishevelled dwellers, making visible the struggles of victims of inequality. Easily recognised images of slums and starved individuals are alluded to in order to provoke compassion. These issues of humanity are simply presented in order to reflect the lives of billions of individuals who should be on the forefront of the global psyche. The fragility and immorality of our modern civilisation is coupled with the strength of impoverished individuals. The grouping of the printed faces suggests that together these individuals can form a movement for change.

Influencing artists: Käthe Kollwitz, Hema Upadhyay

Collection connections

Segall has created a body of work that is highly emotive and has a strong message. What is your response to this work? Discuss how Segall has visually interpreted her concept.

What is your initial response to The down trodden 1900 by Käthe Kollwitz? Consider the treatment of the figures. What emotions do you think they are experiencing? How does the arrangement of the figures influence your reading of the work? Write a description of the physical and emotive elements in the work.