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Cassidy Holland

Northern Beaches Secondary College, Manly Selective Campus

Artwork title
Time's nexus
HSC year
Expressive form
Collection of works
Artist’s statement

A ticking clock, simple changes in seasons, or our own progression make time tangible. If time is defined by change, then what if our world became stagnant? My artwork contrasts past and present by exploring science, nature and popular culture through a collage of vintage science textbooks, magazines and pop-art catalogues. This examination of human societal evolution gives us a way of comprehending time’s infinite landscape. Time is sequential as humans define it; time is orderly because we try to meticulously measure it; thus we create a nexus between time and the threads of our understanding.

Influencing artists: Carl Scrase, Hannah Höch, Ryoko Aoki, Micha Nussinov

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ARTEXPRESS 2012 - Cassidy Holland (2:16)