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Anna Zhong

James Ruse Agricultural High School

Artwork title
Healthy living
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

My artwork explores humanity’s inherently indulgent nature. The thick, oozing sauces, jellies and jams represent gluttony and guilty pleasures. By using a photorealist painting style I have been able to study and capture the colour, texture and reflective properties of viscous liquids and sweet foods. Inspired by Audrey Flack and Janet Fish, I have enhanced these images with extra droplets and glistening surfaces to tempt and mesmerise the audience. Consumption brings a sense of freedom and content, yet I invite the audience to consider the effects of over-indulgence slowly seeping in and disrupting our health, bodies and desires.

Influencing artists: Audrey Flack, Janet Fish, Chuck Close, Luigi Benedicenti, Chen Fei

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