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Kieran Tan

Killarney Heights High School

Artwork title
Broken leg
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

Broken leg draws on my experience in the ‘Broken leg’ music video for Australian rock band Bluejuice. This piece shows another way of viewing this sport – rather than the physicality of skills involved, Broken leg captures the lighting, movement and unsuspecting shapes formed during a skipping performance. Through experimenting with glowsticks, dark lighting, various shutter speeds and the cascading transparencies, Broken leg gives glimpses of the impact which skipping has had on my life.

Collection connections

'I’m interested in how our whole body experiences space; the fact that space and ourselves are unfolded into one another. It’s about how our memory – our past and immediate memory – affects everything’

Discuss how this quote by Janet Laurence can also relate to Kieran Tan’s body of work. How do the materials used in Laurence’s In stance of memory and Tan’s artwork relate to the concept of how the ‘whole body experiences space’?

The human trace or traces of memory is a predominant aspect of both Laurence’s and Tan’s work. Research other Australian artists who have considered this concept and compare their approach to these artists.