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Process diary

Eloise Kent

Ascham School

Artwork title
The nature of vanity
HSC year
Expressive form
Textiles and fibre
Artist’s statement

The subtle art of the nip/tuck as practised by cosmetic surgeons – stitching and tension to enhance beauty:
1 Breasts
2 Complexion
3 Figure
4 Cup size
5 Infertility
6 Wobbliness
7 Droopiness
8 Nose
9 Labia
10 Wrinkles
11 Cheeks
12 Thighs
13 Lips
14 Measurements
15 Fat
16 Teeth
17 Dry skin
18 Waistline
19 Pubis
20 Weight
21 Eyelids
22 Bloat
23 Freckles
24 Ears
25 Menstruation
26 Cellulite
27 Eyes
28 Nails
29 Varicose veins

Collection connections

Consider the name each artist has chosen for their artwork. In what way does the title reference the object as well as the artist’s desire to respond to their world? Discuss how a title can influence the way an audience views an artwork.

Discuss the similarities and differences between Killing time and The nature of vanity, referring, in particular, to the use of materials and its relationship to the subject matter. In what ways can these artworks be defined as 'contemporary’?

Research Killing time and discuss how Swallow uses the visual language of the past for his 'self-portrait’. Comment on the subjectiveness and importance of personal memories. Can they be reliable?