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Daisy Doctor


Artwork title
Illuminated imagination
HSC year
Expressive form
Time-based forms
Artist’s statement

Energy is deemed to be the greatest necessity in life; my work can be seen as a metaphorical representation of this. Whether it be through snakes, light bulbs or humankind itself, in Illuminated imagination I have communicated the permeating nature of energy and light, and their existence in humanity. The way each animated drawing morphs into the next evokes the idea of a way of life completely dependent on electricity. My light creatures come alive as they move and interact with the different scenes and environments they find themselves in.

Collection connections

Light plays a significant role in both The end of a dream and Illuminated imagination. In each artwork, discuss how the narrative is enhanced by the use of a single light source and how the use of light adds to the dramatic intensity of the moment.

Research the symbolic use of light in artworks. Choose both a contemporary and an historical artwork to develop a case study on the significance of light and its relationship to narrative.

Narrative artworks of the late 19th century offered the audience an escape from their own world, exploring a sense of drama and evoking emotions in the viewer. Does Daisy Doctor reflect these ideas in her contemporary work? Discuss this after observing her time-based work in the exhibition.