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Caterina Faro

Kincoppal – Rose Bay

Artwork title
The revolution of the young designer
HSC year
Expressive form
Graphic design
Artist’s statement

These posters are a collation of works promoting world peace, addressing the war, pain and hunger evident throughout history and still present in daily life. My use of a red and black theme recalls the propaganda posters of the Russian Revolution. I have re-used this stylistic convention to communicate ideas towards a better world. The youthful subjects represent the young generation who are going to be responsible for changes in the future, for they are the crucial element in creating a new world.

Collection connections

Respond to Toni Robertson’s text and imagery in the series Taking Marketown by strategy. How does she use these elements to explore her sense of identity and her place in the world? Consider why Caterina Faro chose to develop a body of work in the expressive form of graphic design. In what way does this enhance the overall meaning of the work?

The 1970s in Australia saw a rapid rise in political poster-making due to the increased interest in politics at this time. Research this period in Australian history and discuss the significance of this artform. Discuss the notion that art can change the world.

Research the artist Toni Robertson. Develop a case study based on her approach to art-making and her view on feminism as reflected in her posters.