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Process diary

Nicole Seabrook

Narara Valley High School

Artwork title
Flash bulb
HSC year
Expressive form
Graphic design
Artist’s statement

I have conceptually investigated how regular t-shirts are able to hold significant meaning to those who own them. These objects are able to remind the owner about a time or place where something significant happened. These reminders can be surface-deep or go further into their memory. I investigated these themes of ownership and personal history and how these can be embedded in objects. The subculture I focused on stems from my own world but also connects to universal themes. I explored my technical and structural abilities in graphic design and the magazine encases photography and journalism. Imagery, subject and the layout of components in a graphic matter communicates coded meanings to the audience.

Collection connections

Discuss how contemporary media culture amplifies and commodifies people’s personal and private lives. Some people seek this out, others have it forced upon them. Assess whether these ‘polarities of purpose’ are addressed in Nicole Seabrook’s work. Investigate the relationship between celebrities and the paparazzi. Whose interests are being served and is it a mutually beneficial exchange?

Examine the portrait by Agnolo Bronzino. Describe your impression of the subject. Outline what it is that informs your position. Propose what the sitter’s choice of dress might have communicated to the audience of his time. Discuss the relationship between the artist Bronzino and his subject Cosimo I de’ Medici. What comparisons, if any, can be made with today’s paparazzi and celebrities?

Assess whether you perceive Seabrook’s artwork differently to Bronzino’s because it appropriates a commercial, mass-produced form of art. Investigate if Bronzino produced more than one portrait of Cosimo I de’ Medici and if so for what purpose. Collect a range of ‘zines’ and identify their target audiences. Discuss if it is possible Bronzino or his subject had a target audience in mind with this artwork.

Seabrook and Bronzino both serve the ‘cult of celebrity’ of their respective times. Debate.