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Louise Zhang


Artwork title
(Non) sense?
HSC year
Expressive form
Collection of works
Artist’s statement

My body of work explores the concept of ‘nonsense’ and why we consider undefined objects as ‘nonsense’. My artwork consists of drawings that look like and/or remind one of something with ‘sense’ but cannot be defined as anything in particular. During my art-making process, I was often asked the question, ‘what is it?’ or ‘what is it meant to be?’. In this artwork I am asking the audience, does something need to have a meaning or be a particular way in order for it to be classified as ‘sensible’?

I have chosen to present my drawings in a ‘puzzle’ format to encourage the audience to become involved and appreciate ‘nonsense’ without trying to make sense of it. The ‘puzzle’ format also suggested a never-ending maze of ‘nonsense’ – the more you try to make sense, the more nonsense you receive.