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Jessica Honeywill

Loreto Kirribilli

Artwork title
II (Two)
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

I have created a non-linear ‘photo-narrative’ which follows two characters, ‘You’ and ‘I’, and the loving relationship they share. Their thoughts and feelings are embodied by a simple, white shirt in varying poses, which reflect the statements printed on the cotton labels. My intention was to explore the notion of a loving relationship and how love itself transcends the words ‘I love you’. I found inspiration in the fabric folds of Tracey Emin’s My bed, Barbara Kruger’s use of illusive text and Jenny Holzer’s truisms, as well as the relationships I share with those close to me. I created the illusion of a life-like, moving shirt by pinning it to a wall draped with black fabric and constantly changing the pose of the shirt to suit what I wished to communicate.