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Goondiga Edgar

St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill

Artwork title
Hecate’s Tower
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

When I started Year 12 I had in mind that I definitely wanted to do a 'big’ painting. Works by artists such as John Firth-Smith and Anselm Kiefer influenced my work. I began experimenting on a much smaller scale, testing different applications of materials and materials themselves. After doing these experiments and completing a number of sketches, I decided on a final sketch to apply to the large canvas I used. There were questions throughout my work how abstract it should be but I am extremely happy with the balance between the landscape and abstractions.

Collection connections

Make an inventory of the materials and processes Edgar has used to create the painterly effects in his work. Do you think it was physically challenging to paint? Propose how the artist’s material practice has enhanced the impact of the image, subject and concept.

Compare the surface qualities of Edgar’s work to Anselm Kiefer’s. Referencing specific elements, debate the case for Kiefer’s work being a painting, sculpture or collage.

Distance can transform the viewer’s experience of these works. Describe the shift in perception as you move closer or further away. Discuss how the location of each work in the Gallery promotes this sort of interaction.

Research the story of Hecate as referenced in the title of Edgar’s work. How does this narrative influence the way you engage with the artwork? Do you need to know the story and its meaning to fully experience the work? Kiefer too is interested in mythologies, histories and allegories. Research his body of work and create a table of his key symbols, including the staircase and the horizon line.