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Ellena Stevens

Loreto Kirribilli

Artwork title
Fear only to stand still
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

I passed through the train underpass, removing posters in their many layers from the brick wall. It wasn’t my intention to paint over the beautiful qualities of the posters’ original surfaces, but to layer with images reminiscent of contemporary, popular culture and issues within the modern world. Fear only to stand still focuses on the concept of globalisation and the dissonance between suggestions of beauty and terror. I have used supporting digital photographs to display my work in situ, where passersby view the work as an installation, creating juxtaposing ideas, questioning the significance by placement of the work in a gallery space and the street. Artists Jasper Johns, Banksy and Rauschenberg have played as mentors within my work’s development through my representation of the target and in presenting these panels as street art.