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Andrew Smith

St Aloysius' College

Artwork title
Copenhagen (Strøget)
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

'At some point, the illustration falls away and it is primarily paint.’

Copenhagen (Strøget) is a celebration of the beautiful textures, colours and qualities unique to oil paint – the catalyst for me leading into this series of paintings. Up close, figures are constituted from swathes of paint; from afar, these swathes take the shape of recognisable forms. I aim to utilise the energy and motion of the application of paint to evoke a visceral response so that one may see, feel and smell the pigment in front of them. My work illustrates scenes from a street in Copenhagen. The second of the larger canvases allows the audience to hone in on inscrutable details. The smaller panels draw the viewer even closer to an inspection of what is indeed the focus: the paint.