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Sara Winters

Wyndham College

Artwork title
Mammally factual
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

Image is society’s looking glass. In my body of work, I have chosen photography to explore the fine line between nature and beauty, the eradication of perceived natural 'faults’ to achieve perfection. Although the growth of body hair is normal – a lack of which indicates illness, or a child too young to breed – it is socially considered unattractive. Through the medium of photography, my work imitates a fashion shoot, where the natural form is judged inappropriate, where our bodies have become distasteful, and beauty lies in the misrepresentation of our nature.

'So stop and reconsider / just what they consider natural / ’coz armpit hair is simply / mammally factual’ – Mammally factual by Alix Olson