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Phoebe Boyle

Ravenswood School for Girls

Artwork title
Scattered images (Fragments of existence)
HSC year
Expressive form
Collection of works
Artist’s statement

Through the creation of my work I have sought to examine the isolation of the modern person as a result of a rapidly developing consumer culture. My major work was largely influenced by the artworks of Imants Tillers, in particular Paradiso, and the notion of a search for a 'promised land’. This can be likened to modern life – a quest for belongings and objects to fill the void left by a lack of human connection. Finally, I sought to challenge the authority of traditional artistic representation, asserting through a fragmented structure the piecemeal nature of existence.

Collection connections

Boyle’s artwork examines the isolation of the modern person, revealing an experience of society and culture as consumer orientated and ultimately empty. As a large painting composed with fragments of photography, drawing and quotes, what effect does the scale and composition have on the viewer? Does it extend your understanding of the artist’s statement?

Urban city environments are depicted in Views in and around Kyoto and Rosalie Gascoigne’s Metropolis. Consider the approach to this subject matter in each work and compare to Phoebe Boyle’s interpretation. Respond to the way each artist has depicted the nature of society in their art-making practice.