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Melanie Smith

Xavier High School

Artwork title
Intangible subsistence
HSC year
Expressive form
Textiles and fibre
Artist’s statement

Life… Inhale, exhale.

Throughout my body of work I have endeavoured to explore the concept of life and its tenuous existence. The use of natural elements as a metaphor of our own fragility form the basis of my ideas. My artistic practice has consistently been intertwined with the exploration of our unfathomable human journey, and my investigations continually led me back to these three organic symbols as a tangible definition of the intangible notions of beauty in our subsistence. Fabric has allowed me to create weathered layers and textures, reminiscent of the delicate, transient and elusive landscape. And so the process of construction, the questioning, difficulties and triumphs, are symbiotic with our passage in life.