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Joe Toutai Alone

Sarah Redfern High School

Artwork title
The art of krumping
HSC year
Expressive form
Digital media
Artist’s statement

In the ‘Krump World’ there are many crews (not gangs) called ‘fams’. A ‘fam’ is a form of family who respect your style of krump. My body of work is an exploration of the art and culture of krumping. In this contemporary style of dance, opponents ‘battle’ without physical contact. I was inspired by a documentary about krumping called RIZE It shows krump’s religious slant on the streets. ‘Krump’ stands for ‘Kingdom, Rise, Uplifting, Mighty, Praise’. I have used a current and immediate part of my world and youth culture as a concept linking with the growing impact of the digital, postmodern age.