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Htet Wai Yan

Homebush Boys High School

Artwork title
Demeter’s dichotomy, Achromatic
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

In Demeter’s dichotomy, my photographic work explores the interplay of the powerful and yet harmonious forces of nature. I was inspired by the power and beauty of the weather and its dual inherent nature, the dichotomy of nature: both giver and destroyer of life. This was explored through the medium of photography. Directions about the artwork were taken from the inspiring works of Bill Henson and Rembrandt, in particular the lighting characteristic of chiaroscuro. To achieve the stylistic characteristic of chiaroscuro, the photographs had to be digitally enhanced.

In Achromatic, my black-and-white photographic work shows a young boy running in darkness. It represents images from my own feelings and dreams. It is a reflection of my emotional experiences and my constant dreams of being lost, running in search for answers. I captured these images using an external light source and a long exposure as I ran alongside the model.