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Georgia Driels

Ascham School

Artwork title
I love explosions
HSC year
Expressive form
Collection of works
Artist’s statement

Drawing inspiration from Australian artists such as Bernard Ollis and the Strutt sisters, my artwork is an attempt to explore the power of simplicity and the naive symbolism as a means of bridging the communication divide that separates us. My artwork is an extension of drawings done by a brave, young boy, Daniel Harris, a close family friend who is hearing-impaired and living with cerebral palsy. Daniel’s artwork, while naïve in style, expresses a purity of thought and reflects an understanding of the common consciousness.

Collection connections

Look closely at these works by Georgia Driels, Destiny Deacon and Itaya Hiroharu. Analyse each work responding to the colours used, the nature of the characters and the overall composition. Are their characters playful or solemn? Is the work childlike and naïve, or is it more sophisticated? Does your response differ from your initial reactions to each work?

Hiroharu’s ink drawing depicts object-goblins running amok, a tale which reflects traditional Shinto anthropomorphic view of the world. Research the term 'anthropomorphic’. How is anthropomorphism present in fairy tales, as well as Driels’, Deacon’s and Hiroharu’s work? Are the characters in each artist’s work as simple as they initially seem? What purpose does the artist seek to fulfil by presenting the message of their work with the characters they chose?