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Charles Di Tian

Killara High School

Artwork title
HSC year
Expressive form
Documented forms
Artist’s statement

Headcase was the conversion of ordinary materials into a sphere. The use of cups, corks, plastic plates and masking tape linked to my ideas on the throwaway society and isolation. I was influenced by the work of Tim Freedman, Simryn Gill and Marepe’s Acoustic head. My inspiration was the white noise and isolation in the environment but I found a quirky humour and fun prevented it from being singularly limited. In the documentation of my art performance, different ideas surfaced. Although these items seem innocent and banal, a close inspection reveals meaning.

Collection connections

The camera is a machine that provides us with a window to view the world around us. Consider this statement and discuss how Charles Tan and Simryn Gill have questioned the natural resemblance of objects and environments. Identify the role of the artist and the audience as investigators of place and interpreters of society.

How do we subscribe values and meanings to objects in our culture. By using ordinary everyday materials what have Tian and Tony Cragg intended for their audiences to understand? Gill’s portrait series renders her subjects nameless by the placement of head coverings made from local fruits and fruit pods. If we were to interpret Gill’s and Tian’s head coverings as symbols of culture, what does each artist suggest about the society from which it came?

Examine Cragg’s work and analyse his representations of systems in nature. Suggest parallels between the art practice of Cragg and Tian. Initially, they seem to reflect a sense of the quirky and humorous yet with further investigation these artists are communicating an array of possible meanings. Explore how Cragg’s and Tian’s body of work may reflect multiple readings to the viewer.