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Process diary

Alexa Kapust

Bradfield Senior College

Artwork title
im in ur internets stealing ur identities
HSC year
Expressive form
Graphic design
Artist’s statement

Since 2004 I have met friends on the blogging website Recently I have realised our futures are headed into a world of multiple, fabricated identities. Through my collection of images and text from LiveJournal I reflect on identities, how we create a representation of ourselves choosing particular images and moments to show the world. Choosing a book format, I symbolised how posting on the internet is essentially publishing words and photos publicly. The book is split into two, allowing the audience to mix visual and textual identities creating new personas representing how easily identities are created on the Internet.

Collection connections

Alexa Kapust examines the concept of communication and identity through the internet. Her work defines identity online as something one can curate and manipulate. Considering Kapust’s art practice, define the nature of identity and its role in reflecting the truth. What is it that defines truth when it comes to being yourself?

Discuss the use of new technologies in art making practice. Taking into account the art practice of Yasumasa Morimura, Kurt Schwitters and Kapust, explore the significance of new materials and techniques and the impact they have made on contemporary art. How has each artist pushed the boundaries through their art making practice?

Analyse the impact of imagery and text in society and the art world. Researching the art practice of Morimura, Schwitters and Kapust, investigate the many roles that images play. Does an image speak louder than words? Can text be defined as a form of visual language? Respond to these ideas and develop a case study based on your considerations.