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Phillipa Cosgrove

Bishop Druitt College

Artwork title
Birds of a feather
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

The intention of this artwork is to make its audience think subjectively and structurally about the idea of the 'family tree’ and the audience’s place within their own family. Parts of the artwork have been created subjectively by drawing on the history of my family and incorporating old wedding photos from our family albums. The tree has been built with the intention for it to look constructed, like an Ikea slot-together table. By building the tree and cage in this manner, it presents the idea that families do not grow naturally, but are constructed and produced. The birds flying from the cage represents my current position within my family.

Collection connections

Birds of a feather, Killing time and Listening to reason are works made from timber utilising a range of techniques. Outline the techniques and explain how they reveal an idea or concept. Consider the titles and discuss in what ways they can assist the audience in arriving at a deeper understanding of these artworks.