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Nicola Wells

International Grammar School

Artwork title
Bombay spectrum
HSC year
Expressive form
Collection of works
Artist’s statement

Bombay spectrum represents the Hindu festival Holi, which is the celebration of colour. The cones of coloured rice signify the necessity of cultural experience, colour and taste. Yet they furthermore point towards the direction; the aim in which humanity must reach… transcendence. By placing the cones in different contexts, the message of the aim can be seen in the environment of everyday life. By living in India during years of my childhood I was surrounded by the richness of culture, the colour, the taste and spirituality. Bombay spectrum evolved and developed through the original ideas and concepts of Indian culture. Ultimately highlighting colour, expressed through natural materials, such as rice which is a fundamental universal staple.

Collection connections

By combining the formal qualities of art and utilising non-traditional materials artists make artworks about societies and cultures. Consider how Nicola Wells and Dieter Roth express ideas through their use of materials. List other senses apart from sight that these works may stimulate. Suggest how the use of non-traditional art materials changes the way artists make work. Analyse the way Wells, Roth and Roy de Maistre utilise rhythm and colour in their work to strengthen their intentions.