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Anthony Franco

St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill

Artwork title
If you go out in the woods today (a hidden gothic fairy tale)
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

In my 2006 HSC body of work, the idea I wished to accentuate throughout the five photographs was the element, and an ominous feeling of being lost. To exemplify this situation the choice of black and white photography was made. Direction about the artwork was taken from the inspiring works of Bill Henson. Henson captures suspenseful moments of eventful drama. In my works there is text subtlety included in the five images, representing a dramatic situation in the thematic style of a fairy tale. The photographs were taken at night time and the only source of light used was a selection of torches shone on the object in focus. However, with the long exposure time needed, and no tripod for the camera, the works became distorted and the resulting image can be seen.