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Amie Jones

Queenwood School for Girls

Artwork title
Deception lies between the eyes and the reflection
HSC year
Expressive form
Digital media
Artist’s statement

Who is the fairest of them all? The reflection that stares back at the girl who sits in front of the mirror distorts reality. The mirror lies. The freckle on your left cheek is in reality on your right cheek. The deception lies between the eyes and the reflection. Mastopexy. Adominoplasty. Rhytidectomy. Cosmetic surgery is a plague, spreading hungrily through the minds of women across the world, deceiving the true authenticity of beauty. My artwork questions the notion of identity while simultaneously exploring the concept of cosmetic surgery with its swelling power to be used to repair the human body, manipulate society to echo its advancements and play the game of the material world. Paradox and subversion flood this perfunctory method, now part of the market which defines the standards of beauty. 'Are we still convinced that we must bend ourselves to the decisions of Nature, this lottery of genes distributed by chance?’ – Orlan.