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Process diary

Alison Wu

MLC School

Artwork title
HSC year
Expressive form
Digital media
Artist’s statement

Saga is an epic tale recounting the lives of a community or personal experiences over a period of time. My artwork visually encapsulates Freudian theory, which suggests two fundaments of life – ethos and thanos (sex and death). In addition, I have included religion as a theme because it is an underlying factor within society through periods of time. Fairy tales epitomise and symbolise the nature of the contemporaneous society. Due to our changing social paradigms this artwork investigates the crux of our society by disguising them in well-known fairy tales and the playful motif of confetti. Digital media is a documentive form, therefore I found it most appropriate to use this medium.

Sex: homosexuality/ transgenderism has become more accepted within our society. Death: war and terrorism. Religion: the influence of scientific discovery on social integrity towards the church.