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Aimee Shao-Yi Yeo

Hurlstone Agricultural High School

Artwork title
For where your treasure is...
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

Self. Value. Worth. Satisfaction. Preciousness. To sit… listen… be still. This is me. Thinking. Things I don’t want to lose 'small memory’ – Christian Boltanski. I fell into drawing, but it opened up (for) me. It lets you articulate but still hide. Documentation. Open. Quiet. 'macro revolution…’ – Marco Maggi 'Art is not about thinking something up, it is the opposite – getting something down.’ – Julia Cameron. I let it talk. It’s me telling you what I can’t. You always miss something. Only little flecks of an entirety. Preservation of the valuable. But what do you see? I hope you find something…