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language in contemporary art

Robert MacPherson Mayfair: Summer farm, forty five signs for Micky Monsour 1993

Ian Burn • Gordon Bennett • Kate Beynon • Janet Burchill • Adam Cullen • Rosalie Gascoigne • Simryn Gill • Matthew Jones • Peter Kennedy • Robert MacPherson • Mike Parr • Rose Nolan • Susan Norrie • Scott Redford • Imants Tillers • Peter Tyndall • Jenny Watson

Language is integral to how we experience the world. Since the early 20th century, artists have included words, narratives and literary references in their art to expand or alter the communicative possibilities of images and objects. While language in art can be a cerebral experience, it can also be sensual, vernacular, personal or confronting as the varied art works in this exhibition demonstrate. Drawn largely from the Art Gallery of NSW collection, Unscripted considers how contemporary Australian artists continue to use language to communicate through their art.

20 May – 24 Jul 2005

Free admission

Temporary exhibitions gallery